Hi, I'm Mathias. A Search Engine Marketer From Melbourne, Australia.

I'm a t-shaped digital marketer who has worked for some of Australia's largest and well known brands.

What do I mean by t-shaped? It means I have a broad skillset across a wide range of digital marketing tactics, and in-depth skills and experience in search engine optimisation and affiliate marketing.

For the last 10 years I have worked in both agency and in-house SEO roles, and I have helped deliver growth and ROI in terms of traffic and revenue coming from organic search engines to small businesses, SME's and top end of town businesses.

I am well versed in all aspects of SEO; from technical foundational SEO, to keywords and content creation and optimisation, to link building and content promotion. I also have experience running AdWords campaigns for small businesses, as well as Facebook Ads and email marketing.

About me
  • Name: Mathias Ahlgren
  • Address: Melbourne, VIC
  • Email: hello☺mathias.com.au

Close enough ... but I'm Swedish. I moved to Australia some 15 years ago and am now a citizen. Why? Because I met the love of my life and I married her. We have two daughters and live in Altona.

My previous role was at Full Measure Digital, a small search agency in Melbourne where I worked on brands such as Jetstar at Myer. Before that I was at Australia Post, as the in-house SEO manager. Before that, also in-house/client side, was with Myer, as their SEO manager. Before that I did SEO agency-side, working for Razorfish with clients such as Suncorp (doing SEO for brands like AAMI, GIO, Apia etc) and Aussie Home Loans. Before that I was an SEO specialist at a smaller boutique agency here in Melbourne. Before that I worked in London, I worked as an SEO specialist for an agency called Base One.

Keyword density? 2005 called, it wants its on-page SEO back! Backlinks? Still matters, renamed as outreach and influencer marketing. Page load time? Don't forget to minify, compress and enable caching. Meta keywords tag? Facepalm. 500-word blog posts? 2010 called, it wants its content strategy back! Page titles? Underrated, should must be focused on. Faceted navigation? Can be a giant headache for SEO. AMP? Warp-10 speed page loading times. Microformats? Can help dominate the SERPs. Technical SEO? The very basics of SEO. Proper crawling and indexing is a must for ranking on Google. Mobile SEO? Super important, can no longer be treated as a silo. Best SEO tool? Your own brain + Google Search Operators. 301s? Will pass the juice, but fix those redirect hops!

Can you have look at something and provide recommendations or an SEO audit, i.e. work for for free? No. Sorry I don't run a charity. Can you guarantee [instant|top] rankings for X keyword? No. You should give AdWords a try. Can you deliver ROI? Yes. SEO is ROI driven but remember SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Can you consult and provide strategies and/or be more hands-on with implementation and executing the strategies? Yes. I love to do both.


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